"The Course"

Any activity that is run by The Kayak Coach Ltd and to which these Booking Terms and Conditions apply.

"The Instructor"

Any person who is authorised by The Kayak Coach Ltd to lead The Course.

"The Participant"

Any person who is authorised to take part on The Course.


When booking ‘The Course’ a place will only be reserved for ‘The Participant’ once payment has been received.


To book a place on ‘The Course’ full payment must be made at the time of booking. If ‘The Course’ is not being held at one of our usual sites there may be an additional access or launch fee to be paid. If this is the case ‘The Participant’ will be notified before booking, any additional access or launch fees must be paid by ‘The Participant’ at time of booking.

Course Information

Details of ‘The Course’ including the program outline, kit requirements and start/finish times are supplied to ‘The Participant’ after booking and prior to attending ‘The Course’.

Cancellations by ‘The Participant’

If The Participant cancels their place on ‘The Course’ within 30 days prior to the first day of ‘The Course’, ‘The Course’ fees will be forfeited to The Kayak Coach Ltd unless ‘The Participant’ finds another person to attend ‘The Course’ in their place (The Substitute). In order to be booked onto ‘The Course’ in place of ‘The Participant’, The Substitute must complete and sign a medical form (available to download from our website) and make sure The Kayak Coach Ltd have received this no later than 7 days prior to the commencement of ‘The Course’. If the Participant cancels their place on ‘The Course’ outside of 30 days prior to the first day of ‘The Course’ then 25% of ‘The Course’ fees will be forfeited to The Kayak Coach Ltd.

Cancellations by The Kayak Coach Ltd

The Kayak Coach Ltd reserves the right to cancel or alter ‘The Course’. If ‘The Course’ is cancelled (through no fault of ‘The Participant’) an alternative date will be offered to ‘The Participant’ or a full refund will be given. If, through no fault of The Kayak Coach Ltd, ‘The Course’ cannot be pursued due to health and safety considerations and no alternative can be found, no refund will be given. No liability for consequential loss is accepted by The Kayak Coach Ltd. ‘The Participant’ must not be under the influence of drink or drugs, ‘The Course’ will be cancelled and no refund will be given in these circumstances. 

Preferred Boat

Where possible The Kayak Coach Ltd will supply you with your preferred boat. If the supply of a particular boat is limited this will be done on a first come first served basis. If The Kayak Coach Ltd cannot supply you with your preferred boat an alternative boat that The Kayak Coach Ltd believes to be a suitable replacement will be issued.


The Participant is advised to insure themselves against cancellation, personal injury and loss or damage to belongings and equipment. All of ‘The Courses’ that are dependent on the weather will only run if it is safe to do so.

The Kayak Coach Ltd is insured with cover to a maximum of £10,000,000 for a claim arising from loss, injury to, the death of or damage to the property of a third party.


The Participants are responsible for any equipment loaned to them for the duration of ‘The Course’ and will be liable for any loss or damage to the equipment unless such loss or damage is caused through “wear and tear”.

The Kayak Coach Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of ‘The Participants’ belongings.

Photographs & Video Recording

The Kayak Coach Ltd may take photos or video recordings of ‘The Course’ for use in advertising and associated media.

‘The Participant’ may at the time of ‘The Course’ request not to have such recordings taken. The photos and video recordings remain the property of The Kayak Coach Ltd and reserve the right to use these images without giving notice to ‘The Participant’ or paying any royalties. We will however endeavour to ensure that ‘The Participant’ receives a digital copy of the images.

Accommodation & Catering

Where accommodation is needed on any of ‘The Courses’, ‘The Participants’ shall pay for their own accommodation and catering unless pre-arranged or advertised. Where accommodation & catering are provided The Kayak Coach Ltd cannot be held responsible for the client while on these premises or for the catering.

Medical Conditions, Allergies or Disabilities

The Kayak Coach Ltd cannot accept any liability for any loss or injury caused by medical conditions that were not disclosed to The Kayak Coach Ltd on the medical form and to ‘The Instructor’ prior to ‘The Course’ commencing. Disclosure of a medical condition will not necessarily prevent ‘The Participant’ from attending ‘The Course’.

Safety and Instruction

This statement has been adapted from the "Participation Statement" provided by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC).

"Mountain biking/cycling, bush craft, kayaking/canoeing, and surfing are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement."

The Kayak Coach Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or injury caused to The Participant during The Course if that loss or injury is caused by The Participant's own negligence.

Safety is of utmost importance; therefore The Participant must act on any requests that are made by The Instructor in the interests of health and safety. The Instructor will terminate The Course immediately for any Participant who refuses to act on their instructions.